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Full text of "Bridge of Allan roll of honour 1914-1919"

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79H *£* 7979, 

National Library of Scotland 


I I 

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I 1 
i 1 


BriOQe of Elian j 


IRoIl of Ibonour. 

— i 


-<-**,. ,«»*»„ ~w„-^«,« 





Not once or twice in our rough island-story, 
The path of duty was the way to glory." 

— Tennyson. 


7H«/A| so 

O, 'Q/Q 


I Archibald A. Abercromby 2/Lieutenant, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 
I Coneyhill. 

I George M. Abercromby, Corporal, Special Brigade, R.E., 
| Coneyhill. 

* *John S. Abercromby, 2/Lieutenant, 17th Middlesex Regi- 
j ment, Coneyhill. 

I E. M. M. Alexander, Captain, 10th Seaforth Hrs., The 
j Red House. 

* Edward Allan, Sergeant, 1st Black Watch, Blairforkie 
J Drive. 

* James R. Allan, M.M., Private, Highland Light Infantry, 
j Greenview. 

* James Allan, Private, R.A.V.C, Blairforkie Drive. 
j James Allan, Sergeant, C.E.F., Allanbank. 
S *Laurence Allan, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Allanbank. 

1 Peter H. Allan, Private, 1st Gordon Hrs., Allanbank. 
Robert Allan, Sergeant, N.Z.E.F., Allanbank. 
Thomas Allan, Sergeant, 1st Gordon Hrs., Allanbank. 
William John Allan, Driver, R.A.S.C. (H.T.), Allanbank. 
f John Anderson, M.S.M., Regt. Sergeant-Major, Black 

Watch, Schoolhouse. 
f Archibald A. Anderson, M.M., Sergeant, 15th The Royal 

Scots, Schoolhouse. 
f William Anderson, Driver, R.F.A., Schoolhouse. 
j John Anderson, Farrier, R.A.S.C. (H.T.), Cosy Cottage. 
* William Anderson, Lance-Corporal, 9th Gordon Hrs., 
Cosy Cottage. 
J George R. Anderson, Private, 7th A. & 8. Hrs., Victoria 
j Place. 

I James B. Anderson, Driver, R.A.S.C. (H.T.), 21 Avenue 
j Park. 

£ Robert Anderson, 1st A./C, R.A.F., 46 Avenue Park. 
i * William Anderson, Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 17 Avenue J 
Park. ! 

i James Anderson, Lance-Corporal, R.E., South Lodge, j 

* Keir. I 
j John Anderson, Private, 8th Black Watch, South Lodge, j 

Keir. 1 

j William Anderson, M.M., Private, C.E.F., South Lodge, j 

Keir. I 

f a *Killed or Died on Service. j 

Harvey, Anderson, Private, 10th A. & S. Hrs., 5 Coney- f 

hill (Road. 
John Anderson, Pte., 4th Seaforth Hrs., 5 Coneyhill Road. 
Thomas Anderson, Lance-Cpl. R.E., 5 Coneyhill Road. 
William A. Atkinson, 2nd A./O., R.A.F., 4 Inverallan 

William Balloch, Sergeant, 1st Gordon Hrs., 24 Avenue 

John R. Banks, Private, 11th Scottish Rifles, 25 Avenue 

Charles S. Barclay, Rifleman, N.Z.E.F., Allan Cottage. 
William Barclay, Signaller, R.F.A., Allan Cottage. 
A. S. Barnwell, D.S.O., Belgian Croix de Guerre, M./D. I 

(Three Times), Major, R.F.A., Parell. 
Edward Steward Bayne, Private, Civil Service Rifles, « 

Station House. i 

* James Bell, Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 12 Avenue Park. 
*John Bell, Private, 10th Gordon Hrs., 12 Avenue Park. } 

George Bennett, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Keirfield Farm. | 

* William Berry, Private, Black Watch, Craigarnhall. f 
Angus Black, Bombardier, R.G.A., Drummond Cottage. 
William Edward Blair, Gunner, R.G.A., Thorn Villa. / 
James Blyth, Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., Victoria Cottages. « 
Roland Boswell, Corporal, London Scottish, Mount Ivor. f 
Alexander Boyes, Sergeant, A. & S. Hrs., Fountain Road. 
Thomas Brand, Private, Australian E.F., Station Road. 
John Brown, Pioneer, Special Brigade, R.E., Newark. 
Thomas Brown, Corporal, 1st Scots Guards, St. Margaret's. 
*Hugh Bruce, Sergeant, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 19 Avenue Park. 

Robert Bruce, Private, 13th Scottish Horse Battalion 

(R.H.), 19 Avenue Park. 
Walter Bruce, Private, Gordon Hrs., 19 Avenue Park. 
Lewis Buchanan, Private, 2nd Black Watch, Inverallan. 
John Burnett, Drummer, 1st Black Watch, Henderson 

Robert Burnett, Company Sergeant-Major, 2nd Black 

Watch, Henderson Street. j 

* Alexander Burns, Private, 5th A. & S. Hrs., 2 Douglas 

Place. i 

James Burns, Lieutenant, Gordon Hrs., 2 Douglas Place. ; 

*Killed or Died on Service. i 


John Burns, Corporal, Gordon Hrs., 2 Douglas Place. 
* Robert Burns, Private, 16th H.L.I. , 2 Douglas Place. 
Edmund A. K. Bussell, Private, 11th The Royal Scots, 

Drummond' Place. 
James Cadien, Sergeant, 1st Siege Coy., R.A.R.E., Union 

David Cameron, M.M., Lance-Corporal, 2nd Gordon Hrs., 

Ivy View. 
Henry O. Cameron, Private, 5th A. & S. Hrs., Ivy View. 
Alexander Cameron, R.A.S.C, Bath Cottage. 
John Cameron, Sergeant, R.A.S.C, 16 Keirfield Cottages. 
John Cameron, Private, 6th Gordon Hrs., Albert Place. 
W. H. Campbell, Bombardier, N.Z.E.F., Station House. 
A. C. Campbell, 2/Lieutenant, Westminster Cavalry, 

Station House. 
H. S. Campbell, Corporal, Northumberland Fusiliers, 

Station House. 
Charles Campbell, Corporal, R.A.S.C. tM.T.), New Street. 
Aitkman Campbell, Private, 7th Batt., M.G.C, Blair forkie 

Thomas Campbell, Private, 9th The Royal Scots, Blair- 

forkie Drive. 
William Campbell, Lance-Corporal, Black Watch, Rlair- 

forkie Drive. 
John H. E. Campbell, Pte., 2nd Black Watch, Allanbank. 
* James Campbell, Sergeant, 8th Gordon Hrs., 36 Avenue 

Robert W. K. Campbell, Corporal, R.A.M.C., Logielea. 
William Campsie, Private, The Royal Scots, Henderson 

Alexander Carmichael, Private, The Royal iScots, 

Carmichael's Hotel. 
A John Carmichael, M.M., Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.j, 

Carmichael' s Hotel. 
} James Carmichael, Private, C.E.F., Keirfield. 

John Carmichael, Private, C.E.F., Keirfield. 
I * Robert William Cassels, Private, King's Royal Rifles, 

j Duncan Cheetham, Private, 13tih Scottish Horse Battalion 

(R.H.), 23 Avenue Park. 
f *Killed or Died' on Service. 


James Cheetham, Lance-Corporal, R.A.S.C, Inverallan 

John Cheetham, Private, Gordon Hrs., 23 Avenue Park. 
Stewart Christison, Private, C.E.F., 4 Douglas Place. 
*John Clark, Gunner, R.F.A., Blairforkie Drive. 
*Robert Clark, Private, R.A.O.C., Blairforkie Drive. 
* James Clink, Private, 7th A. and S. Hrs., 7 Keirfield 

William Clink, Private, C.E.F., 7 Keirfield Cottages. 
Robert W. Connon, Sergeant, K.O.S.B., 4 Keirfield 
f Thomas Connon, Private, Black Watch, 4 Keirfield 
I Cottages. 

f Duncan Costelloe, Private, Gordon Hrs., Thistle Bank. 
\ William J. Costelloe, Lance-Cbrporal, 4th A. & S. Hrs., 
/ Thistle Bank. 

\ John Crowe, Private, 5th Gordon Hrs., Keirfield House. 
f Robert B. Crowe, Shoeing Smith, 6th Inniskilling 

Dragoons, Keirfield House. 
J William Crowe, Private, 8th Seaforth Hrs. , Keirfield House. 
Archibald Cruickshank, M.M., Sergeant, Black Watch, 
f Langley. 

J *Simon Cruikshank, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Langley. 

James W. Cruickshank, Sergeant, R.A.M.C., Grant Villa. 
\ Alfred Cummings, Private, 3rd M.G.C., Queen's Buildings. 
James A. Cummings, Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., Queen's 
\ Buildings. 

\ *John Cummings, Private, 7th A. &. S. Hrs., Queen's 
f Buildings. 

i William Cummings, Deck Hand, R.N. (Ord.), Queen's 
i Buildings. 

J. H. Dallas, Corporal, 1st Cameron Hrs., Roslyn Cottage. 
Thomas H. Dalrymple, Cadet, O.T.C., York House. 
George M. Davidson, Lieutenant, R.S.F., Louise Villa. 
James Dawson, Corporal, 4th Scottish Rifles, Fountain 

William Dewar, Private, 3rd H.L.I. , Ellenbank. 
* Thomas D. Dewar, Private, 26th Royal Fusrs., Ellenbank. 
*Jo7m M'Lellan Dewar, Lance-Corporal, 1st H.C.B., Ellen- 

*Killed or Died on Service. 

"•fc* *~mm.t »<■»*.• *<^.C t <^»« ••«*.( »f^ t (^ 

*Hugh Drummond, Private, 1st Black Watch, Station Road 
William Drummond, Private, C.E.F., 12 Keirfield Cottages 
James Eadie, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), New Street. 
John Eadie, Private, 8th Army Cyclist Corps, New (Street. 1 
James Edgar, Lance-Corporal, 5th Cameron Hrs. (M.G.C.), * 

8 Victoria Cottages. 1 

William Elder, Staff-Sergeant, King's Liverpool ORegt., ' 

*Fred. Evans, Lance-Corporal, 1st Gordon Hrs., Westerton. 
William Evans, Private, 1st Gordon Hrs., Westerton. J 

Alexander Ewart, Private, 74th M.G.C., Haldane Cottage. 
Gilbert J. Farie, M.C., Captain, R.A.M.C., Strathallan 

John Ferguson, Sergeant-Major, Seaforth Hrs., 18 Victoria i 

William Ferguson, Sergeant, 2nd Seaforth Hrs., i 

18 Victoria Cottages. a 

Adam J. Ferguson, Private, C.E.F., 18 Victoria Cottages, i 
Kenneth C Ferguson, Lieutenant, A. & S. Hrs., Coneypark. $ 
Andrew Ferguson, Trooper, 13th Hussars, 8 Victoria f 

Cottages. t 

James K. Ferguson, Private, 4th Army Cyclist Corps, f 

8 Victoria Cottages. 
*Andrevi Ferguson, Private, 6th The Royal Scots, Gaswork f 

Cottages. 8 

Donald F. Fergusson, Gunner, R.F.A., Logie Manse. I 

Peter Ferguson, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Police Station. J 
John Ferguson, Private, 1st R.S.F., Police Station. . f 

David Findlay, 2nd A./M., R.A.F., Eden House. | 

James A. Findlay, Trooper, Canadian Light Horse, t 

David Flind, 2/Lieut., 9th A. & S. Hrs., 38 Avenue Park. I 
Alexander Forbes, sen., Lance-Corporal, 1st Scottish Rifles, 

Alexander Forbes, jun., Lance-Corporal, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 

* William M. Forbes, Private, Scottish (Rifles, Allanbank. 
Arthur E. Foster, Corporal, R.A.S.C, Deafleys. 
* James Fotheringham, (M.M., Corporal, C.E.F., Albert 

b *Killed or Died on Service. 


Walter E. Fotheringham, Driver, R.A.S.C. (H.T.), 
16 Victoria Cottages. 
*J. Lovat H. Fraser, Lieutenant, 8th Cameron Hrs. 

(attached M.G.C.), Femfield. j 

William Fraser, Private, Australian E.F., Belmoir. 
James M. Fullerton, 2/Lieutenant, R.F.A., Rosebank. 
Lionel W. Fullerton, Lieutenant, Indian Army, Rosebank. 
R. J. Gerrard, Sergeant, 3rd Royal Sussex, Henderson J 

George H. Gibson, Private, 11th Border Regt., Claremont. 
Isaac Gibson, Private, R.A.S.C, Allanvale. 
W. E. Gordon, V.C., A.D.O. to His Majesty the King, j 

Colonel, 1st Gordon Hrs., Homehill. 
A. A. Gordon, C.B.E., M.V.O., French and Belgian I 
Croix de Guerre, both with Palms, Major, 9th * 
The Royal Scots, Homehill. j 

George S. Gray, 2nd Officer, M.F.A., Edgehill. 
Daniel K. Gray, Private, 5th A. & S. Hrs., Edgehill. f 

James Gray, Private, 3rd. Cameron Hrs., Edgehill. 
David Green, Private, 13th The Royal Scots, Allanbank. 
William Green, Private, 17th The Royal Scots, Allanbank. 
David W. Guthrie, Lieutenant, Special List (Recruiting f 

Duties), Airthrey Croft. 
Samuel Hadden, Sergeant, Scottish Horse, Albert Cottage. f 
Duncan Haggart, Private, 1st A. & S. Hrs., 24 Avenue 

Robert Haggart, Corporal, 2nd Scottish Rifles, 24 Avenue 

George C. Haldane, Lieut., 7th A. & S. Hrs., Viewforth. 
f Ian Buchanan Haldane, Lieutenant, 8th A. & S. Hrs., 

I Maurice R. Haldane, Cadet, O.T.C., Viewforth. 
J Charles A. Hardy, 2nd A./M., R.A.F., Aboukir Villa. 
f David R. Henderson, M./D., Colonel, C.F., Lecropt Manse. 
j William S. R. Henderson, Lieutenant, Indian Army, 

Lecropt Manse. 
j * Duncan R. Henderson, Private, C.E.F., Dhon Dholly. 
James S. Henderson, Lieutenant, R.A.S.C, Allanvale. 
1 *M. Arnold Hepburn, Lieutenant, 2nd Seaforth Hrs., Logie 

*Killed or Died on Service. 



A. G. Erskine Hill, Staff -Captain and A.D.C., 3rd Cameron I 

| Hrs., Coneyhill House. J 

£ Edward Hill, Private, The Royal Scots, Blairforkie Drive. • 

2 James Hill, Private, A. & S. Hrs., Blairforkie Drive. j 

1 R. K. Hill, Driver, C.E.E., Blairforkie Drive. 

2 Thomas Hill, Private, Gordon Hrs., Blairforkie Drive. i 

• Gordon Honeycombe, Lieutenant, King's Royal Rifles, $ 
2 Queen's Hotel. f 

• *A. Honeyman, Driver, R.F.A., Mid Lecropt. 

J John Honeyman, Sapper, R.E. , 1 Keirfield Cottages. \ 

David Houston, Private, 9th Gloucester Regt.,6 Allanvale. 5 

i * Andrew Guy Hutcheson, M.C., M./D., Captain and f 

Adjutant, Scottish Rifles, Eden House. 

J David Innard, A.B., Transport Service, Blairforkie Drive. f 

James A. Innes, jun., Lance-Corporal, 7th Seaforth Hrs., 

I Abbotsford. J 

Peter Ireland, Private, 14th Black Watch, Allanview. 
f James Ironside, Driver, R.A.S.C. (H.T.), Allanbank. 

j Alexander Irvine, Trooper, Lothians and Border Horse, J 

J Westerton Arms Hotel. r 

Thomas Irvine, Sapper, R.E., Westerton Arms Hotel. 

Hugh Jamieson, Private, 8th A. & S. Hrs., Keirfield. 

1 William Jamieson, Gunner, R.G.A., 5 Avenue Park. 

J J. Archibald Kelly, 2/Lieutenant, A. & S. Hrs., Craig- » 

| rowan. i 

| Alexander Kennedy, M.M., Lance-Corporal, 7th A. & S. I 

2 Hrs., Alexandria Cottage. 2 
1 * James Kennedy, Lance-Corporal, 1st A. & S. Hrs., ' 
I Alexandria Cottage. 2 

John Kennedy, Bandboy, 1st A. &. S. Hrs., Alexandria • 

i Cottage. 2 

• William Graham King, Gunner, R.G.A., Airthrey Kerse ; 
f Farm. 1 
5 Mungo Kinloch, Sergeant, 8th A. & S. Hrs., Allanbank. 

i John Eadie Kinloch, Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., Allanbank. j 
8 David Laidlaw, M./D., Colonel, 16th H.L.I. , Garnock. 

I A. B. S. Laidlaw, M.O., M./D., Lieutenant, R.E. , Garnock. f 

8 *R. S. Laidlaw, Lieutenant, H.M.S. " Melbourne," Garnock. 8 

J D. K. Laidlaw, Midshipman, H.M.S. "Courageous," f 

Garnock. 8 

*Killed or Died on Service. f 

*John Lannigan, Sergeant, 14th A. & S. Hrs., Ivy View. 
William Lannigan, Private, R.A.V.C., Ivy View. 
William Lawrie, Parchment for Meritorious Service, • 

Private, R.A.O.C., Victoria Cottages. 
Douglas Lowe, 2/Lieutenant, 2nd Black Watch, Carseview. 
Fred. W. Lynes, Private, 4th Gordon Hrs., Keirfield House. i 
John Mann, Private, C.E.F., Alangrange. 
James Marshall, Staff- Sergeant, R.A.'S.C, Jeanie Bank. i 
John S. Marshall, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Jeanie Bank. • 
Allan Marshall, Corporal, R.E. (M.G.C.), Jeanie Bank. f 

David Marshall, Private, 6th Seaforth Hrs., 34 Avenue S 

Park. / 

Robert Meiklejohn, Major, R.A.S.C., Myrtle Villa. 
Alexander Meiklejohn. Corporal, A. & S. Hrs., Myrtle f 

* James Meiklejohn, Private, C.E.F., Myrtle Villa. 
* Harry S. K. Mellis, Bombardier, R.G.A., Coneyhill. 

*Killed or Died on Service. 
James P. Menzies, Pioneer, R.E. (S.B.), 33 Avenue Park. 
Robert Menzies, Signaller, R.E. {Tank Corps), 15 Keirfield f 

Cottages. j 

Arthur J. Meyer, Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., Ferndale. 
Francis G. D. Miller, Staff-Captain, Scottish Command, 

James Miller, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), 6 Coneyhill Road. 
James Miller, Private, Durham Light Infantry, Ochil 

Park Cottages. 
John W. E. Miller, Croix de Guerre with Palms, M./D. 

(Twice), Staff -Captain and A.D.C., 12th A. & S. 

Hrs., Chalmers Manse. 
Joseph C. Miller, Lieutenant, R.A.O.C, Springfield. 
William Mitchell, Sergeant, 12th The Royal Scots, Station 

Alexander Mitchell, Private, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Station 

William Mitchell, Private, 1st A. & S. Hrs., Allanbank. 
John S. Mitchell, Captain, R.A.M.C., Bloomingfield. 
John Morris, Gunner, R.G.A., Glendale. 
f William Morrison, 1st A./M., R.A.F., Fountain Road. f 

t A. Roberts Morrison, Cadet Gunner, O.T.C., Roselea. 
f *Killed or Died on Service. f 

William Muirhead, C.Q.M.S., H.C.B., Greenoaks. 
Alexander Munro, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Gowanbrae. J 

Hector B. Munro, Ord. Tel.,R.N.V.R. (W.T.), Gowanbrae. 
*B6bert Munro, Sergeant, Black Watch, Thistle Cottage. 

* William D. Munro, M.C., Croix de Guerre, Captain, 8th 

A. & S. Hrs., Oakville. 
William Munro, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Westlea. 
George M. M'Alpine, Corporal, R.A.S.C, Roslyn Cottage. 
John M 'Arthur, Private, 8th A. & S. Hrs., Williamfield. 
James A. M'Arthur, Flight Cadet, R.A.F., Kilmorna. 
Peter M'Beth, Sergeant, iR.A.V.C, Craigview. 
John M'Culloch, Private, 12th United States Infantry, 

Albert Cottage. 
Frank M'Culloch, Sergeant, 15th K.O. Y.L.I. , Albert 

Alexander M'Donald, Sapper, R.E., 9 Allanvale. 
James M'Donald, Guardsman, Scots Guards, Pendreich 

Ronald M'Donald, Staff-Sergeant, C.E.F., 1 Avenue Park. 

* Samuel M'Donald, D.C.M., Private, C.E.F., 1 Avenue 

*Jo7m M'Donald, Lance-Corporal, O.E.F., 1 Avenue Park. 
James M'Ewen, Private, Gordon Hrs., Pendreich. 

* Duncan K. M'Farlane, Lance-Corporal, Imperial Camel 

Corps, Craigend (East). 
Walter M'Farlane, Corporal, R.A.S'.C. (M.T.), Abercromby 

William Macfarlane, Lieutenant, R.N.R., Woodview. 

* James M'Geachin, Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 45 Avenue 

William M'Geachin, Private, C.E.F., 45 Avenue Park. 
Edmund M'Gibbon, Private, 7th Cameron Hrs., Bell 

George M'Gibbon, Lance-Corporal, A. & S. Hrs., Bell 

John M'Gillivray, Sergeant. C.E.F., 22 Victoria Cottages. 
Donald) M'Gillivray, jun./ Sergeant, 8th A. & S. Hrs., 

9 Victoria Cottages. 
Duncan M'Gillivray, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Grant 


*Killed or Died on Service. 

*Richard M'Gittivray, Corporal, C.E.F., 20 Keirfield 

Cottages. f 

Richard M'Gillivray, Private, 4th Gordon Hrs., 

20 Keirfield Cottages. f 

Alexander M'Gregor, Lieut. -Colonel, R.A.S.C., Westlea. » 
J. Mackay M'Gregor, 2nd Corporal, R.E. (Signal Coy.), f 

Thomas B. M'Gregor, Trooper, Q.O.R.G.Y., Ivy Lodge. f 
James M'Innes, M.S.M., Sergeant, 1st Cameron Hrs., 

Keirfield House. 
Robert M'Innes, 1st A./M., R.A.F., Keirfield House. 
Owen M'Intosh, Private, R.A.O.C, Westend Cottage. 
John M'Intyre, Private, S.A.R., Sydenham. 

* Robert L. M'Intyre, Private, 7th Lancashire Fusiliers, 

Charles M'Intyre, Trooper, Lothians and Border Horse, 

Alan D. M'Intyre, Private, 2nd Seaforth Hrs.. Sydenham. 
William M'Intyre, Private, Gordon Hrs., Allanhank. 
John J. M'Kay, Private, 3rd The Royal Scots, Gladney. 
Charles E. S. M'Kay, iSapper, R.E., Sunnyside. 
*John M'Kee, Private, 2nd Cameron Hrs., Inverallan 

Buildings. J 

David M'Kee, Private, 3rd H.L.I. , Lecropt Cottage. | 

Andrew M'Kee, Private, C.E.F., Keirfield House. 
Robert M'Kee, Private, C.K.F., Keirfield House. 
* Allan M'Kenzie, Private, 2nd A. & S. Hrs., Josephine J 


*Harry M'Kenzie, Private, 2nd The Royal Scots, j 

32 Avenue Park. t 

Robert M'Kenzie, Private, R.N.A.S., 32 Avenue Park. f 

*John M'Kenzie, Pte., 10th Gordon Hrs., Castleview Dairy, s 

William M'Kenzie, Private, 51st Batt.,M.G.C., Castleview f 

Neil M'Kenzie, Private, R.A.V.C., Keirfield. f 

* William Bruce M'Kenzie, Lance-Corporal, Black Watch, » 
Castleview. f 

Thomas M'Kenzie, Lieutenant, A. & S. Hrs., Castleview. » 
Roderick M'Kinnon, M.M., Sergeant, 6th Black Watch, f 

*Killed or Died on Service. f 

* Malcolm M'Kinnon, Corporal, 7th A. & S. Hrs., Sunny law. 
George M'Kinnon, Gunner, E.G. A., Sunnylaw. 

* Joseph M'Kinstrie, Private, 7th Cameron Hrs., Drummond 

Archibald G. M'Laren, 2/Lieutenant, 3rd A. & S. Hrs., 

Donald H. Maclaren, Gunner, E.G. A., Ormiston. 
*Charles W. Maclaren, Sergeant, 5th Scottish Panes, 

Allan N. 'Maclaren, Corporal, 7th A. & S. Hrs., Ormiston. 
John M'Laren, C.Q.M.S., A. & S. Hrs., New Street. 
Duncan M'Laren, Corporal, R.A.S.C, New Street. 
James M'Laren, Private, A. & S. Hrs., New Street. 
John M'Laren, C.S.M., West Yorkshire Regiment, New 

George M'Laren, Sapper, E.E., New Street. 
William M'Laren, Private, Australian E.F., New Street. 
Andrew M'Leish, sen., Private, 1st Black Watch, Blair - 

forkie Drive. 
Andrew M'Leish, jun., Drummer, 1st Black Watch, 

Blairforkie Drive. 
John H. M. M'Leish, Private, 1st Black Watch, Blair- 
forkie Drive. 
Robert M'Leish, Drummer, 1st Black Watch, Blairforkie f 

Drive. , f 

William M'Leod, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Centrehill. 
Hugh MTLeven, Bandsman, Royal Warwickshires, Albert 

James Neilson, Private, 5th Scottish Rifles, Coneyhill 

William J. Neilson, Driver, R.F.A., Keirfield. 

* David Nicol, Captain, 14th A. & S. Hrs., Grahamville. 
James Noble, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), 9 Allanvale. 
John B. Noble, Private, 4th The Royal Scots, 9 Allanvale. 
Ralph Ormiston, Signaller, R.G.A., Auburn. 
Harry Oulton, Gunner, R.G.A., Camden. 
George Paterson, Gunner, R.G.A., Craigdownings. 
John Paul, Private, R.A.M.C., Old Keir. 
John Petrie, Private, 5th A. & S. Hrs., 5 Victoria 


*Killed or Died on Service. 

( Arthur E. Philp, O.B.E., Engineer Lieutenant, R.M.S. 

"Empress of Britain," Allanbank. 
J Alexander Pitt, Private, 10th A. & S. Hrs., Craigview. 
j Robert Preston, Lanoe-Cpl., R.E. (Pay Staff), Shaw Villa. 
J William J. Preston, Lance-Corporal, 1st Gordon Hrs., 
j Shaw Villa. 

* David Preston, Private, 1st Cameron Hrs., Shaw Villa. 
j Robert Primrose, Lieut. -Colonel, R.N.V.R, (C.F.), 

i * Walter W. Primrose, Lieutenant, R.A.F., Dalrannoch. 
1 John Ure Primrose, Midshipman, H.M.S. " Oberon," 
I Dalrannoch. 

1 Frank J. Pullar, Major, 15th A. & S. Hrs., Ettrick House. 
J * James Rae, Sergeant, 1st A. & S. Hrs., Keirfield. 

* * James Mae, Private, 2nd Black Watch, Keirfield. 

2 John D. Rae, 2nd A./M., E.A.F., Keirfield. 

* * Andrew Ramage, Private, 4th Seaforth Hrs., Keirfield. 
} * James Ramsay, Lance-Corporal, 7th Cameron Hrs., Inver- 

allan Buildings. 
*John R. Ramsay, Corporal, 7th A. & S. Hrs., Inverallan 

Kenneth Rattray, Corporal, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), 1 Victoria 

Arthur Reid, Corpora], C.E.F., Mar Lodge. 
William J. Reid, Sapper, R.E., Coneyhill Road. 
David Reid, Private, 60th M.G.C., 10 Avenue Park. 
George Reid, Lance-Corporal, 1st Black Watch, 26 Avenue 

William Reid, Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 36 Avenue Park. 
William Reid, Driver, R.A.S.C. (M.T.), 29 Avenue Park. 
William J. Reid, Lance-Corporal, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 

35 Avenue Park. 
* David Rintoul, Lance-Corporal, 7th Cameron Hrs., 

30 Avenue Park. 
David Ronald Ritchie, Chevalier du Legion D' Honneur, 

Lieutenant-Commander, Royal Navy, Glenlora. 
Harry George Ritchie, Captain, R.F.A., Glenlora. 
William Ritchie, Corporal, M.G.C., Allanbank. 
Samuel Robertson, jun., Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 

2 Keirfield Cottages. 

*Killed or Died on Service. 

James R. Robertson, Croix de Guerre, Lieutenant, C.M.R., * 

2 Keirfield Cottages. J 

Charles A. L. Robertson, Corporal, A.P.C., 2 Keirfield • 

Cottages. i 

John H. Robertson, Sergeant, 3rd Seaforth Hrs.,2 Keirfield • 

Cottages, i 

* Henry W. Robertson, 2/Lieutenant, 11th A. & S. Hrs., $ 

Walmer House. f 

* William Robertson, M.M., Private, Gordon Hrs., Albert S 

Place. i 

* Samuel Robertson, Sergeant, 10th Gordon Hrs., 10 Keir- • 

field Cottages. f 

John Robertson, Private, N.Z.E.F., 5 Keirfield Cottages. • 

John Robertson, Private, 1st Cameron Hrs., Bell House. f 

James Robertson, Private, 2nd Cameron Hrs., 3 Keirfield 

Cottages. f 

William Robertson, M.M., Private, 5th Black Watch, 

3 Keirfield Cottages. f 

*John P. Robertson, Private, 7th Royal Scots Fusiliers, 

15 Victoria Cottages. f 

Peter Robertson, Private, 6th Cameron Hrs., 15 Victoria ? 

Cottages. f 

William Robertson, Private, R.A.V.C., 15 Victoria j 

*John Rodgers, M.M., Private, 8th Gordon Hrs., Old ' 

Gasworks Cottage. 
*Ian Rose, Private, 6th Seaforth Hrs., 3 Douglas Place. 
William Rose, Private, Gordon Hrs., 3 Douglas Place. 
Alexander Ross, Private, 6th Manchester Regiment, Gas- 
works Cottages. 
*D. N. Campbell Ross, 2/Lieutenant, R.F.A., Napier 


John C. Ross, Ord. Tel., R.N.V.R. (W.T.), Ashley House, i 
Thomas Saddler, Private, Royal Irish Fusiliers, Bairn's 

George Saddler, Sergeant, S.A.M.R., Bairn's Burn. 
Thomas Saddler, Lance-Cpl., 7th Seaforth Hrs., Newark. I 
*John Salmond, M./D., Sergeant, 2nd Black Watch, 

6 Allanbank. j 

Henry Salmond, M.M., Lance-Corporal, R.E.,6 Allanbank. S 

*Killed or Died on Service. § 

Robert Scott, Major, R.A.M.C., The Orchard 
Alexander Scott, Captain, R.A.M.C, The Orchard. 
James Scott, M./D., Captain, 7th The Royal Scots, The 

George Shanks, Sergeant, A. & S. Hrs., New Street. 
Robert iStharp, Private, Seaforth Hrs., 10 Victoria Cottages. 
Frank Shore, Private, 8th Gordon Hrs., Hoslyn. 
Robert Shore, C.Q.M.S., 2nd Gordon Hrs., Roslyn. 
James C. Sievewright, Driver, R.A.S.O. (M.T.), Inver- 
allan Buildings. 

• George Sim., M.M., Sergeant, 'R.A.M.C., Shaw Villa. 
J John Sim, Bombardier, R.G.A., Shaw Villa. 

* James R. Sim, Award from Lloyds for Meritorious Con- 
i duct, Officer, S.lS. "Ben Ledi," Shaw Villa. 

I Peter Smith, Driver, Ri.A.S.C., Allanbank. 

Q Laohlan Sinclair, Private, 4th The Boyal Scots, Albert 

« Cottage. 

f * Donald S. Smurthwaite, 2/Lieutenant, Black Watch, 

f James Smart, Corporal, C.E.F., Woodside. 

John Smart, Private, S.A. Scottish, Woodside. 
f Francis Snow, Captain, R.N.T., St. Ann's. 
J Francis O. Snow, 2nd Officer, M.F.A., St. Ann's. 
f Robert Spittal, Q.M.S., Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Douglas 
j Place. 

I Andrew Stalker, Sapper, R.E., Glendale. 
j * David Stalker, Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs., Glendale. 
J James Stalker, Sapper, R.EI., Glendale. 
| John Stalker, Sergeant, 9th Gordon Hrs., Glendale. 
I Thomas O. Stalker, Private, 8th Gordon Hrs., Glendale. 
i William Steel, 2/Lieutenant, Black Watch, 9 Keirfield 
I Cottages. 

j Alexander Stewart, Private, North Stafford (Regiment, Ivy 
I View. 

I Donald Stewart, Private, North Stafford Regiment, 
I 9 Allanvale. 

J James Stewart, Corporal, R.A.M.C., 16 Avenue Park. 
\ William Strachan, Sapper, Pv.E., Ashley House. 
I Alexander C. Summers, Sergeant, 1st Boyal North Devon 


Hussars, Henderson Street. 

'Killed or Died on Service. 

£> »-^».«»^te.«fi*«fc.«»'^»» 


( John Sutherland, M.S.M., C.Q.M.8., R.A.S.C., Bridge of { 

| Allan Inn. J 

John T. Sutherland, Guardsman, 2nd Scots Guards, I 

Police Station. J 

John Sutherland, Sergeant-Major, 2nd Black Watch, * 

Station Road I 

Benjamin Sutherland, Sergeant, C.E.F., Station Road. 
Charles B. Sutherland, Private, 4th Gordon Hrs., f 

14 Victoria Cottages. 5 

George D. Sutherland, Sapper, R.E., 14 Victoria Cottages. j) 
W. Alexander Sutherland, Lance-Corporal, 10th Gordon 8 

Hrs., 14 Victoria Cottages. J 

James R. Sutherland, Ord. Tel., iR.N.V.R. (W.T.), 8 

AUanbank. f 

William C. -Syson, Gunner, R.F.A., Douglas Place. 
Joseph Syson, 2/Lieutenant, R.A.M.C, Douglas Place. f 

* Harold Thompson, D.S.O., Croix de Guerre, Lieut. - 

Colonel, 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers, Westerton 

Alexander Thomson, Lance-Corporal, Black Watch, 

Andrew Thomson, Sergeant, 5th A. and S. Hrs., 

42 Avenue Park. 
Andrew Thomson, Sergeant, 5th Gordon Hrs., Bairn's 

James Thomson, Private, Northumberland Fusiliers, 

Stead's Farm. 

* William J. Tod, Private, C.E.F. (M.G.C.), St. Margaret's. 
Robert Turnbull, Lieutenant, R.G.A., Thirladene. 
John Upfold, Trooper, R.A.M.C. (F.A.S.H.), Alangrange. 
James Walker, Private, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Old Gas- 
works Cottage. 

William Y. Walls, D.F.C., Captain, R.A.F., Castleview. 
George Walls, 2nd Lieutenant, R.A.F., Castleview. 
*Alistair St. John M. Warrand, Captain, 1st Black Watch 
(attached R.F.C.), Lentran. 

* Alexander D. Watson, Lance-Corporal, 1st K.O.S.B., 

26 New Street. 
James D. Watson, Pte.. 7th A. & S. Hrs., 26 New Street. 

* Oliver Watson, Sergeant, 7th A. & S. Hrs., 26 New Street. 

*Killed or Died on Service. 

*Henry R. H. Watson, E.R.A., H.M.S. "Hydra," 

Westerton Villa. 
Osborne Watson, Steward, S.S. "War Plum," Westerton 

* William Watson, Driver, E.A.S.C. (M.T.), Ashgrove. 
John Watson, Private, 17th Indian M.G.C., Keirfield 

John Watson, Pte., 6th Black Watch, 4Cousine's Buildings. 
William Watson, Private, London Scottish, 4 Cousine's 

John B. Watt, Sapper, B.E., Lea Cottage. 
f William H. Welsh, Greek Military Medal for Merit, 

Major, R.A.M.C., The Hawthorns. 
) Peter Webster, Sergeant, R.E., Drummond Place. 
I James Whitehead, 2nd A./M., R.A.F., Victoria Place. 
4 Andrew Wilkie, Driver, R.F.A., Bell House 

• Bruce Wilkie, Driver, R.F.A., Bell House. 
I James Wilkie, Sergeant, iR.A.iS.C, Bell House. 

• Albert Williams, Private, C.E.F., Sunnylaw. 
f *Charles J. Williams, Private, 1st Black Watch, Sunnylaw. 

• George Williams, Private, C.Ei.F., Sunnylaw. 
f Robert J. Williams, Gunner, C.E.F., Sunnylaw. 
| James A. S. Wilson, Captain, C.F., The Manse. 
J "Andrew Wilson, Private, 1st Black Watch, 17 Victoria 
J Cottages. 
f James Wilson, Guardsman, 1st Scots Guards, 17 Victoria 

John Wilson, Private, 5th Gordon Hrs., 17 Victoria 

William Wilson, Private, 6th Gordon Hrs., 17 Victoria 

James Wilson, Private, 11th A. & S. Hrs., 12 Allanvale. 
'William Wilson, Private, 10th A. & S. Hrs., Blairforkie 

Andrew Wingate, Lance-Corporal, 10th A. & S, Hrs., 

7 Avenue Park. 
William W. Wright, Sapper, R.E., Greenkerse Farm. 
\lexander M. Wylie, jun., Lieutenant, R.E., Langlands. 
Andrew R, Wylie, M./D.,- Lieutenant, R.F.A., Langlands. 
Fred. J. Yates, Gunner, Tank Corps, Bath House. 
*Killed or Died on Service. 

" One ami that defends, is worth hosts 
that invade." 

— Moore. 

-— •* 


Scott, Learmonth & Allan, 
King Street, Stirling.